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SAMSON Agro has today issued the press release below. We are of course ready, and together with our service partners, we look forward to continuing to provide the service that has always been associated with SAMSON products.

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By mutual agreement, Gøma stops as a SAMSON dealer one year before the dealer contract expires. SAMSON AGRO has decided to comply with Göma's request to withdraw from the dealer contract as of October 31, 2017 instead of October 31, 2018, as agreed in the dealer contract.

"After careful evaluation and close dialog with many of our customers, we are convinced that the future set-up with SAMSON AGROLIZE as sole distributor with competent service partners in the back, is 100% ready to solve both the dealer role and not least the service task in the future", says Torben Larsen, Sales and Marketing Manager, SAMSON AGRO.

Even higher level
"With the many years of experience of the SAMSON AGROLIZE employees and our service partners, as well as the experience from SAMSON AGROLIZE's first spring season, we are convinced that they are up to the task as a dealer. We also have no doubt that SAMSON AGROLIZE will be able to raise both the service level and the dealer task to an even higher level than with the previous dealer model," he emphasizes.

Thank you for the cooperation
SAMSON AGRO would like to thank Gøma for many years of close cooperation.

"Gøma has been a skilled dealer for SAMSON and has for many years helped secure SAMSON's position as a leading manufacturer of natural fertilizer machines in Denmark, Sweden and Norway," says Torben Larsen.