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Sludge vacuums and washers

GK II Vario



The GK II VARIO with its movable partition offers exceptional versatility, making it a standout machine in its class. Equipped with top-hinged hydraulic rear doors, a 6″ hydraulically operated spade valve in the rear door with additional valve flange, drip tray and remote control for vacuum pump, rinse water, hose reel and rear spade valve, this machine is designed for maximum efficiency and convenience.

In addition, it has a level gauge in the rear door that provides clear visibility of the sludge tank contents, ensuring accurate monitoring and operation. The machine’s interior and exterior surfaces are carefully treated, sandblasted both inside and out, coated on the inside with epoxy and painted on the outside with a two-component paint, guaranteeing long life and durability even in the most demanding conditions. Additionally, all removable components are galvanized for improved corrosion resistance.

Compliance with regulatory standards is essential and Samson GK II VARIO comes with mandatory lights, hydraulic brakes and two rear rotating beacons, as well as wide load marking for increased safety and compliance. The machine’s aesthetics are not overlooked either, with an elegant color scheme of SAMSON green complemented by silver-grey rims ensuring it stands out in any workplace.

10,000/ 12,000 LITER CAPACITY

Samson Agrolize combined sludge extractor/washer with removable separator is the ideal solution for efficient cleaning and sludge extraction. Equipped with a hydraulic tailgate, 6″ spade valve, spill tray and remote control, it ensures easy and reliable use.

With rear hatch level indicator, sandblasted finish, galvanization, and statutory lights and brakes, it’s ready for the job.



Hose reels vaccum / cassette suction

3" vertical roll 30m

3 1/2" vertical roller 27m

4" vertical roller approx. 15m, Requires TM 1600 pump

Cassette suction with 4" hose, approx. 15m, Requires TM 1600 pump

Cassette suction with 5" hose, approx. 15m, Requires TM 2500 pump

Loading tower

Loading arm for vertical roller hydraulic side swing, approx. 80 gr.

Loading arm with hydraulic side swing, approx. 180 degrees and 2m. scum

Side-mounted loading tower 8" mounted on the right side, In the back.

Joystick mounted in tractor for operation of loading tower

Cassette suction with 5" hose, approx. 15m, Requires TM 2500 pump

Flushing pump

Pratissoli MW 45 - 155 Bar - 267 L/min. - v/800 rpm. (140HP)

Pratissoli MW 50 - 125 Bar - 330 L/min. - v/800 rpm. (140HP)

Pratissoli MKS 55 - 200 Bar - 345 L/min. - v/1500 rpm. (205HP) Only 1-3/4 20 not.

Pratissoli MKS 60 - 170 Bar - 410 L/min. - v/1500 rpm. (205HP) Only 1-3/4 20 not.

Electric coupling for MW and MKS flush pump. For Flush pump switch-off during vacuum operation pump

Flow guard (reduces wear on the pressure relief valve) and diesel consumption)

Hose reel spool

Rear mounted swivel hose reel 90 degrees, 2 Room - Small room: max 120m. 1/2" + 60m. 3/4" and Large room: max 240m. 3/4" or 180m. 1"

Larger hose reel diameter for extra 60m. flushing hose

Rear mounted swivel hose reel 180 degrees, 2 Separate rooms - Small room: max 120m. 1/2" + 60m. 3/4" and large room: max 240m. 3/4" or 180m. 1"


Air supply from tractor

23 T BPW spring boogie with hydraulic boogie lock

Air suspension undercarriage with variable Working height (BPW Agroturn)

Hydraulic wheel drive, BPW Agrodrive axle (Black Bruin motors) ONLY with air undercarriage

PTG Tire pressure regulation (Hydraulic compressor recommended)

Wheel mounting

Alliance 600/55 R26.5 380

Alliance 710/50 R26,5 A885 incl. extra fender edge

Alliance 710/50 R26,5 VF389 incl. extra screen edge

Alliance 750/55 R26.5 A388 incl. extra fender lip

PTG Tire pressure regulation (Hydraulic compressor recommended)

Wheel steering

Hydraulic wheel alignment/locking.

Electronic wheel steering.

Brake system

Hydraulic brakes

Air brakes, 2-circuit, without parking brake. Standard with manual brake force regulator. Automatic brake force regulator, if air undercarriage is selected.

Vakkum pump - liquid ring pump

Samson liquid ring pump KS725 (725m³/h), Hyd. Pulled from the tractor! 100L oil v. 200 bar

Samson liquid ring pump KS725 (725m³/h), electric coupling with belt drive ratio 1:2.5

Samson liquid ring pump TM 1600 (1600m³/h), Electric clutch with belt-driven gear ratio 1:2.5

Samson liquid ring pump TM 2500 (2500m³/h), Electric clutch with belt-driven gear ratio 1:2.5

Remote switch from suction to pressure liquid ring pump

Factory-fitted equipment

Hydraulically driven compressor mounted on Cart (Must be selected if there is no compressor on tractor)

Storage roll for 3" suction hose length approx. 40m. (ej possible with side-mounted loading tower)

Meter meter for flush hose, incl. speed reduction on the spool roller.

Remote controlled flushing pressure - Only possible with MW and MKS pumps

Throttle control with Linak motor on accelerator pedal/ Electronic motor control (requires plug to be plugged into tractor).

Circulation pump system for frost protection

Centralized lubrication of the entire vehicle

Factory fitted accessories

Advertising production and mounting on signs (Vertical roller)

Oil-fired hot air blower for toolboxes. 1 Select per page on the machine.

Hydraulic outrigger

Work light

Floodlight kit (2 LED front, 2 LED rear, 2 LED bumper and 1 LED at hose reel)

Marker lights with flash (8 side and 2 rear and 2 winding roll)

LED lights per cabinet

Camera kits

2 surveillance cameras with 7" color monitor rear and spooling roller


Other RAL color

Clear lacquer

Efficient SAMSON sludge vacuums and washers for every task

SAMSON is your reliable partner when it comes to efficient waste management and cleaning. Our combined sludge extractors/flushers are designed to handle a wide range of tasks, from sewer maintenance to sucking up drilling mud during underground drilling.

We offer a comprehensive range of machines to suit any job. From smaller units mounted on single axles to advanced trolleys on boogie undercarriages with air suspension, we have the solution for your needs.

With our flexible tank separators, you can easily adjust the ratio of clean water to sludge according to the demands of the job. And with the wireless two-way remote control, including the advanced Vario II control, you get total control and monitoring right in your hands.