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TE single cut traps represent an innovative step towards optimal utilization of manure’s fertilizer value in growing crops. This advanced system is ideal for both grass and cereal crops, especially on lighter soils where the need for precise manure spreading is crucial for crop growth and yield.

TE’s precision coulters create carefully crafted grooves in the soil for the slurry, while keeping damage to the growing crop to a minimum. The included distributor, equipped with a cup cutter, ensures efficient breakdown of any material parts in the slurry, resulting in an even and reliable dosage from 4 tons/ha to 30 tons/ha. This ensures optimal and gentle treatment of the crop and maximizes the nutrient supply of the slurry.

TE is designed with hydraulic cylinders on each set of coulters, guaranteeing a uniform working depth across the entire field. This precise depth control is essential to ensure that slurry is applied at the optimal depth for crop nutrient uptake.

Furthermore, TE includes a drip stop function that effectively prevents slurry spillage on headlands and roads, which not only protects the environment but also ensures a more efficient use of the fertilizer.

The TE comes with an impressive working width of 8 meters, making it ideal for efficient handling of larger fields and crop areas.


Slurry spreading

Achieving optimal slurry application is essential to maximize yields and ensure efficient use of slurry’s nutritional value. The flexible depth control built into the system plays an essential role in minimizing damage to the growing crop, as it allows for precise adjustment of the drop depth to the needs of the crop.

In addition, the optimal distance between the blades ensures efficient use of the slurry, distributing it evenly and precisely across the field. Another advantage is the highly accurate dosing, ensuring that the yield remains consistent regardless of terrain conditions.

The adaptation of the deposition, even in challenging soil conditions such as hard, dry and compact soil, is achieved through the hydraulic weight transfer, extending the deposition season and increasing the efficiency of slurry application. Individual cutter pressure is an additional benefit that not only reduces the risk of slurry being placed on top of the plants, but also helps to reduce the risk of disease spread while optimizing the nutrient content of the slurry.

Finally, a movable suspension ensures gentle handling of the crop during the felling process, further reducing the risk of damage and increasing crop health and growth potential.


Key Features


The TE8 is equipped with a pivoting three-point hitch that counteracts stress on blades and damage to crops when turning.


The TE8 injector has automatic depth adjustment, which ensures a constant injection depth regardless of soil type through electronic impulses to the hydraulics.


The TE8 is equipped with hydraulic cylinders on each set of blades, ensuring uniform working depth.


Efficient hydraulic folding reduces driving time. The TE8 has a transport width of 2.74 meters.



Long lifetime

The frame is made in a strong construction

There is a movable suspension that reduces wear on the blades

There is less wear on blades and bearings on precipitators with equivalent single blades

The distributor has cup blades with self-sharpening knives

The distributor is equipped with a stone trap so stones and other foreign objects are quickly removed and do not damage the distributor

Individual cutting pressure with accumulator reduces the load on the main frame.

Central lubrication for better maintenance

High efficiency

The design of the distributor allows safe and flexible dosing from 4 to 30 T/ha. Or even higher - depending on the driving speed

SAMSON AGRO's centrifugal pump ensures a high slurry pressure in the distributor, ensuring stable and precise dosing

The self-sharpening blades in the distributor improve the ability to cut straw and other organic materials in the slurry, making the slurry more homogeneous and easier to spread at a high rate

Optimal slurry application - optimal yield

Flexible depth control for less damage to the growing crop

The distance between the blades ensures optimal utilization of the slurry

The dosage is very precise, so the yield is the same across the entire field

Hydraulic weight transfer allows you to precipitate even when the ground is hard, dry and heavy. It extends the precipitation season

Individual cutting pressure ensures that slurry is deposited. This reduces the risk of slurry being placed on top of the plants. This reduces the risk of infection and increases the utilization of the manure's nutrient content

Movable suspension reduces damage to plants

Low energy consumption (diesel)

Due to the design of the manifold, with the drains close to the center, less energy is needed to rotate the blades, as the blades do not need to run as fast to achieve a high output

Hydraulic depth control ensures optimal utilization of energy compared to systems with constant pressure

Low maintenance costs

The fall arrester is made of high quality materials

Minimal maintenance during operation

Easy and quick access to all parts

Individual cutting pressure with accumulator reduces the load on the frame and therefore the need for maintenance

Movable suspension reduces wear and tear on the blades

Cup cutter and central lubrication benefits reduce the need for maintenance

Precipitators for efficient use of nature's nutrients

SAMSON is a leader in the production of traps designed to optimize application efficiency and maximize the utilization of nature’s own nutrients.

We offer a comprehensive range of harvesting machines, attachments and technologies, all tailored to meet the needs of the agricultural industry.

Our goal is to provide innovative and environmentally friendly solutions for efficient manure deposition, where every step of the process is carefully considered. With our traps, farmers can make optimal use of resources while contributing to sustainable farming practices.

Technical specifications

Dimensions in meters

TE 8

Working width (m)



Transport width (m)



Transport height on the ground (m)



Number of blades / diameter (mm)


Tractive force (HP / m)

6 - 8

Weight (kg)


Requirements specifications:

3-point suspension - adjustable for cat. 2 or 3

Double-acting lift with pressure control or SAMSON automatic depth control