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Exclusive distributor of Samson machines in Denmark


Samson Agrolize has a long history with natural fertilizer machines, stretching back to our establishment in 1975. As the exclusive distributor of SAMSON and Pichon products in Denmark, we have built up an expertise that is unrivaled in the industry. In 2021, we merged with Gøma, which means we now have Denmark’s leading experts under one roof.


Our deep knowledge of SAMSON and Gøma machines makes us the best agricultural machinery specialists in Denmark. We offer tailored solutions to match every farming need, and our dedicated team is ready to deliver premium products, reliable service and expert advice. With our experience and expertise, you can make the most of your investments and optimize your farming practices.

Our goal is to be your trusted partner in natural fertilizer technology and we strive to provide you with the best solution and service to help you succeed in farming.

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Viborg, Denmark

We have everything together at our address in Viborg – administration, workshop, warehouse and used vehicle storage.


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SAMSON machines have proven their quality through decades of use in Denmark, where the requirements for correct, precise and environmentally friendly application are among the strictest in the world.

Our products are designed to meet these requirements, which is why SAMSON machines are considered among the best in the world for their purpose. With the latest technology, we can now also provide concrete evidence of nutrient delivery to the field where the machine has applied manure, putting us at the forefront of future requirements.

Our extensive distribution, especially in Denmark, has given us valuable knowledge about the application of natural fertilizers. The products have been tested and used for years, providing proof of their reliability and durability, especially from contractors where stability, reliability and on-time delivery are crucial.

With increasing demands on application times, there is a need for high capacity and efficiency, which our machines deliver with fast loading/unloading and efficient working position of traps or hose booms.

SAMSON pioneered wheeled tractors that enable gentle movement in the fields without compromising on ground pressure and maneuverability.

Today, we offer high-tech equipment including camera surveillance and constant monitoring of machine functions from the driver’s seat, ensuring optimal working conditions for tractor operators who can drive hour after hour without unnecessary fatigue.

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