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RV 150


RV 150

RV 150 is SAMSON’s fully hydraulic agitator for demanding applications. It is ideal for use in slurry tanks of any size.

The RV 150 can stir up both above-ground and underground slurry tanks. The agile agitator arm easily reaches over high walls up to 3 m and deep into underground slurry tanks, lagoons and more.

The agitator is rotatable (curve function) by 35 degrees to each side (total 70 degrees). The inner and outer arms can be adjusted up and down hydraulically, which means that the agitator positions are unlimited. Tasks in covered tanks are also handled with ease.

The RV 150 is extremely stable and can be kept straight in all conditions as one outrigger is hydraulically adjustable.

The plant is sized for a 150 hp tractor, so even a relatively small tractor can handle large tanks.

The very compact transport position is reached easily and quickly, and the agitator has its own fully hydraulic hydraulic system.

RV 150


This model is designed to handle a wide range of materials including pig slurry, manure and biogas residues, making it a versatile tool in modern farming operations.

The RV 150 has been carefully designed with a unique propeller that aims to gather the slurry into a single powerful spray jet. Especially for pig slurry, it is important to use the hydraulic tilt of the agitator head to wash up any sediment. This feature not only ensures thorough mixing of the slurry, but it also minimizes the risk of sediment build-up, which can cause clogging or inefficiency in slurry application.

The RV 150 operates with an impressive capacity to suit farms of any size, making it an economically attractive choice for both small family-run farms and large commercial farms.

RV 150

Key Features


The system is fully hydraulic with its own oil cooler and filter. Having its own system thus provides higher operational reliability. The oil cooler is optional equipment.


Control is done from a panel on the mixer. This is a simple, reliable, and easy control. Optional equipment includes electronic control from the cabin.


The RV 150 can rotate 35 degrees to each side (a total of 70 degrees). This provides flexibility and better, easier stirring of the tank.


The hydraulic support leg ensures a secure placement during stirring. It allows for adjustment to the ground around the tank, providing greater safety.


During transport, the RV 150 folds into a compact unit, ensuring trouble-free and easy transportation. There is a short transport position where the mixer does not swing out behind. This provides greater traffic safety.


The RV 150 is a fully hydraulic mixer with its own hydraulic system, designed to transfer 150 hp to the propeller. All hydraulic functions are operated from the control panel via the tractor’s hydraulics. The RV 150 can also be operated with an electronic control that has a 7-meter long cable (optional equipment).


The RV 150 is designed with a special propeller that gathers the slurry into a single jet stream. It is especially important for pig slurry to use the hydraulic tilt of the mixing head to flush up any sediment.

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SAMSON agitators are designed to maximize process efficiency and optimize the utilization of nature’s nutrients.

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Technical specifications


RV 150

Dimensions folded (LxWxH) (m)

3.8 x 2.25 x 2.95 / 2.60

Weight (kg)


PTO (0/min.)


PTO (min. HP)



1 double-acting outlet - 180 bar - 20 l/min.

Propeller revolutions (0/min)


Propeller diameter (mm)