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In addition to their standard features, SB dragline booms can also be equipped with the innovative Anti-Drip System (ADS), further improving performance and efficiency. Integrating a vertical distribution system ensures a more precise and uniform distribution of the slurry, which is crucial for optimal results in the field.

The excellent quality of the dragline booms is underlined by their fully galvanized construction and trapezoidal suspension, which guarantees that the boom always hangs horizontally, even in varying terrain conditions. This not only ensures an even distribution of slurry, but also that the hoses follow the ground surface precisely, reducing waste and improving operational efficiency.

Hydraulic control of the boom via a master/slave system makes it easy to raise, lower and fold the sections together, saving time and increasing work efficiency. When the boom is folded in along the sides of the slurry tanker during transport, the positioning of the hoses over the fender boxes ensures a smaller transport width, making transportation more convenient and hassle-free.

SB booms are offered with different working widths, including 12 meters, 12-16 meters and 12-18 meters, giving farmers the flexibility to choose the boom that best suits their specific needs and fields.


Slurry spreading

Achieving optimal slurry spreading is crucial to ensure the best possible yield. Using a combination of distributors and cup cutters, accurate slurry dosing is achieved across the entire width of the boom. The trapezoidal suspension, equipped with forced steering, ensures an even distribution of slurry across the direction of travel, regardless of the terrain challenges.

The ability to change the dosage while driving is a valuable feature that allows adjustments on the fly. This makes it possible to reduce dosing in low-lying areas where slurry can normally accumulate in puddles or lakes.

In addition, a section divider can be purchased for the 24 meter SB and SBX models. This allows for precise control by blanking the hoses in 1-meter sections. This is especially useful in fields with irregular shapes where it helps avoid overlapping and overdosing of slurry.

Dual-distributor drag hose booms can also be blinded by 50 percent, further reducing the risk of overlapping and overdosing slurry, ensuring a more efficient and economical operation.


Key Features


When an ADS boom is folded in along the sides of the slurry tanker during transport, the hoses lay over the fender boxes, resulting in a narrower transport width.


All SAMSON AGRO booms are equipped with a vertical distributor with cup cutters.


The distributor on hose booms is equipped with a stone trap for collecting foreign objects. The stone trap can be fitted with a hydraulic spade valve, which facilitates the emptying of the distributor. Emptying the distributor before driving onto the road can minimize slurry spillage on the road.



Long lifetime

Heavy-duty vertical SAMSON AGRO distributor

All steel on the towing hose booms is galvanized

The distributor is equipped with a stone trap that collects foreign objects so they don't wear out the distributor unnecessarily or even damage it

The boom can be folded and raised. This reduces the risk of damage to the boom when the slurry tanker and boom leave the field

The X models are particularly powerfully constructed. It provides a longer lifespan

High efficiency

The tow hose booms are equipped with a vertical distributor. A vertical distributor has a higher capacity than a horizontal one. This means a shorter emptying time through the boom and thus a higher yield per hectare

The SBX2 tow hose booms have two distributors for even higher capacity. At the same time, the slurry pump is able to keep up so that the slurry dosing across the direction of travel is not compromised. When choosing a 30 meter boom, a 5 vane unloading pump is suggested.

The ADS hose, a key element of the Anti Drip System, is conical. This ensures that blockages and clogs are minimized

The dosage is set before driving from the tractor cabin with the SM6000. The dosage can also be changed while driving if necessary. It saves time

The dragline booms can be folded hydraulically from the tractor cab using the SM6000. It saves time

The stone trap contributes to fewer downtime

Optimal spreading of slurry - optimal yield

Distributor and cup cutter ensure accurate slurry dosing across the entire width of the boom

Trapezoidal suspension with forced steering option ensures even distribution of slurry across the direction of travel regardless of the terrain

Dosage can be changed while driving, for example, reducing the dosage in low-lying areas of the field where larger amounts of slurry would otherwise collect in puddles/lakes

For SB and SBX 24 meters (one distributor), a section distributor can be purchased so that the hoses can be blended in 1 meter sections. This is an advantage for wedges in the fields to avoid overlap - and thus overdosing of slurry

Towing hose booms with two distributors can be shielded by 50 percent. This reduces overlap - and thus overdosing of slurry.

Low energy consumption (fuel)

High capacity, less runtime per hectare for less fuel consumption

Low maintenance costs

Towing hose booms are made of strong, well-fitted and treated materials for increased durability

The stone trap removes foreign objects that can damage the distributor

The X models have an extra heavy-duty construction. This reduces maintenance costs

SAMSON dragline booms for efficient utilization of nature's nutrients.

SAMSON is a leader in the production of dragline booms designed to optimize application efficiency and maximize the use of nature’s own nutrients.

We offer a comprehensive range of hose booms, attachments and technologies, all tailored to meet the needs of the agricultural industry.

Our goal is to provide innovative and environmentally friendly solutions for efficient drag hose boom application of natural fertilizers, where every step of the process is carefully considered. With our dragline booms, farmers can make optimal use of resources while contributing to sustainable farming practices.

Technical specifications

Dimensions in mm/ Cart size

SB 12

SB 16

SB 18

Width of the boom (m)


12 - 16

12 - 15 - 18

Dispensing width (m)


12 - 15 - 16

12 - 15 - 18

Number of vertical distributors


Center section (mm)


Width when folded (mm)


Distance between tow hoses (mm)


Number of meters Ø45 x 3.5 mm hose (m)




Weight (kg)




Number of outlets on manifold