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Sludge vacuums and washers

GDS 5 & 6


GDS 5 & 6

GDS 5 & 6 flushing trolley – a reliable tool for efficient flushing. With an impressive 5000 liter capacity and a tank diameter of ø 1250 mm, this washer truck gives you the power you need to get the job done.

It comes with a reliable KF flush pump for smooth and powerful water flow. A steel water filter with stainless steel filter element ensures water purity and protects equipment. Hydraulic flushing hose reel, located on the right side, for easy hose roll-in/roll-out.

The remote control, equipped with a Telecrane model, lets you start/stop the reel and control the hose reel remotely. The level indicator at the front end makes it easy to monitor the flushing water level.

The hose cart has steel hose shelves on both sides above the wheels for convenient storage of hoses and accessories. Quality materials and finishes, including interior epoxy and exterior two-component paint, ensure longevity and resistance to weather and elements.

Safety features such as mandatory LED lights, hydraulic brakes and rotating beacons improve visibility and safety during use. Wide load marking is included for safe transportation and handling.


Key Features

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Alliance 520/75x34

Alliance 620/75x34

Alliance 650/65Rx38 pattern 550 grass


Pratissoli KF36, 160 bar, 122 l/min, v/800 rpm. (50 hp)

Pratissoli KF40, 110 bar, 170 l/min, v/900 rpm. (50 hp)

Pratissoli MW 45, 155 bar, 267 l/min, v/800 rpm. (140 hp)

Pratissoli MW 50, 125 bar, 330 l/min, v/800 rpm. (140 hp)


Rear-mounted swivel hose reel 90 degrees, 2 rooms. Small room: max 120 meters 1/2" + 60 meters 3/4". Large room: max 240 meters 3/4" or 180 meters 1"

Larger hose reel diameter for extra 60 meter pumping hose

Flush hose 1/2" plastic per meter 60-120- 180-240 meters. 2 nozzles are included.

Flush hose 3/4" plastic per meter 60-120- 180-240 meters. 2 nozzles are included.

Flush hose 1" plastic per meter 60-120- 180-240 meters. Includes 2 nozzles


Meter gauge for flush hose, incl. speed reduction on spooler

Remote controlled flushing pressure, only possible with MW pumps

Throttle control with Linak motor on accelerator/electronic motor control (requires connector on tractor).


Scharmüller K80 ball hitch

Bredal ball hitch 4000

Extension piece for drawbar 200 mm

Hydraulic outrigger (1 piece only)

Ladder rack without ladder

Gardena hose guide incl. tube holder

Work light

Floodlight kit (2 LED front, 2 LED rear, 2 LED bumper and 1 LED at hose reel)

Extra LED light mounted per piece.

Marker lights with flash (8 side and 2 rear)

LED lights per cabinet

Camera kits

2 surveillance cameras with 7" color rear monitor and spool reel

Efficient SAMSON sludge vacuums and washers for every task

SAMSON is your reliable partner when it comes to efficient waste management and cleaning. Our combined sludge extractors/flushers are designed to handle a wide range of tasks, from sewer maintenance to sucking up drilling mud during underground drilling.

We offer a comprehensive range of machines to suit any job. From smaller units mounted on single axles to advanced trolleys on boogie undercarriages with air suspension, we have the solution for your needs.

With our flexible tank separators, you can easily adjust the ratio of clean water to sludge according to the demands of the job. And with the wireless two-way remote control, including the advanced Vario II control, you get total control and monitoring right in your hands.