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Viborg is home to the best of the best in sludge extractors and washers At Samson Agrolize, skilled, specialized employees ensure that customers can buy the best machines on the planet, both new and used.
Not least combined sludge extractors and flushing trucks.

Samson Agrolize is probably best known for selling new and used Samson slurry trailers, with their main customers being contractors and large farms.

The service and trading company is in contact with its customers all the way through the sales process. From the initial meetings about how the slurry tanker should be equipped, to the actual sale and assessment of the customer's used machines, to commissioning and service and spare parts follow-up.

But when Samson merged with Gøma a few years ago to become Samson Agrolize, both production facilities and technical skills became available for the production of the specialized vehicles called combined sludge extractors and washers.

- The trolleys have become very popular because they combine the ability to suck sludge or dirty water and flush with clean water. The highly advanced machines can, among other things, vary the tank size so that you can, for example, carry plenty of water and flush drains.

And large capacity on the sludge side to, for example, suck up drilling mud and then press it out again, without manual work. And then you have a machine that is not so seasonal, it can run all year round. And with the large amounts of rain we get at times, there is plenty of work for our machines," explains Karsten Kammer.

Skilled employees

He is Sales Manager at Samson Agrolize with a background at Gøma, where the production of sludge vacuums and washers was an important niche. This business area has been transferred to Samson Agrolize, which exclusively sells and services new and used Samson machines in Denmark and Sweden.

- That's the main philosophy of the company. We are specialists and only sell the gear and equipment that Samson makes. Customers are really happy because it means that when they call us, they can get answers to what they need. That's why they feel in safe hands," he says.

Focus on training and great assignments

The advice and sales apply to both new and used machines, and the company always has a large selection of used slurry trailers, among other things,
manure spreaders, hose booms, as well as sludge extractors and flushing trucks. It requires specialized employees who are passionate about the task to have answers at hand when customers call and need quick help to minimize downtime, explains Karsten Kammer.

- Our employees are skilled and dedicated, which is why we involve them as much as possible and listen to their experiences when organizing work and optimizing processes. We put a lot of emphasis on giving employees good tasks that are motivating and challenging.

That's why we also focus a lot on continuing education and take pride in training everyone in the latest technology, whether they specialize in electricity, hydraulics or GPS technology," he says.

Many possibilities

With both slurry trailers and combined sludge extractors and washers, Samson Agrolize is busy all year round. And there are plenty of opportunities to
contribute and develop into a specialist.

- When employees are passionate about their field and the organization is flexible, you get to contribute with the core competencies you acquire over time, explains Karsten Kammer.

He is pleased that so many blacksmiths, mechanics and agricultural technicians find Samson Agrolize a special and exciting company to work for.

- We have the very latest technology, but we also have all the used equipment when we take in machines for service and repair. And then produce
we even combined sludge extractors and scrubbers.

So all in all, there is a wide range of possibilities with us," he says.