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With SAMSON AGROLIZE's acquisition of GØMA, the expertise of both companies is combined in one location and with the SAMSON AGRO factory as the closest neighbor.

- "We're about to reach 3,000 sausages, and the standard service is two sausages with bread," said a voice from the large grill in a corner of the large assembly hall in the middle of the afternoon, halfway through the "Open House" day at Samson Agrolize in Viborg.

- We usually get a lot of visitors, both at Gøma and at Samson Agrolize, but this is a record-breaking event, says Søren Jensen, Managing Director at Samson Agrolize.

The owner company behind SAMSON AGRO and Samson Agrolize took over Gøma on September 10. The now expanded Samson Agrolize with Gøma under its wings is moving into the neighboring address, Petersmindevej 6 in Viborg.

Managing Director at Samson Agrolize, Søren Jensen, together with Aftermarket Manager Jens Ole Hejlesen, are delighted with the many guests at the Open House day in the former Gøma premises, which will now be Samson Agrolize's future address.


- When two companies with separate CEOs merge, there is only room for one, and that was me, explains Søren Jensen, who was one of the three owners of Gøma.

This was a farewell to Henrik Kirketerp-Møller, who as CEO was responsible for the establishment and development of Samson Agrolize as a nationwide distributor of SAMSON AGRO products with great skill and in record time.

- Samson Agrolize continues its successful development with sales of both SAMSON AGRO and the ongoing production of Gøma products, as well as two of our Samson Agrolize service partners and a warehouse in North Jutland and one on Zealand. What's new is that the country's largest used stock of slurry equipment is now gathered in one place, says Søren Jensen.

At the Open House event last Thursday at Samson Agrolize in Viborg, Denmark, CEO Søren Jensen was able to showcase a centrally used warehouse of international size and class to the many guests. Now with carts in multiple colors.

Keeping GØMA customers safe

- When the current series of Gøma carts already sold is finished, the slurry tankers from here will probably change to a different color. Likewise, the production of Gøma's combined sludge extractors/flushers will continue, while new developments will of course be coordinated, says former Production Manager at Gøma, Jakob Møller, proudly showing an example of the Gøma flagship GG trailer, which has been developed and produced since 2017.

Former Product Manager at Gøma and anchorman in the development of the GG trolley series has joined SAMSON.

- Almost 200 Gøma trolleys have been built and now we're bringing together the expertise of the best of both worlds.

- And I can promise customers with Gøma vehicles that they will be serviced and in no way worse off than before. Most things are easily handled by our service staff from both camps, and the large stock of spare parts continues. There are differences, especially in controls and electronics, but we train our service staff in both systems. The first course actually starts next week, says Jakob Møller.

Service organization in Sweden

With the acquisition, Samson Agrolize will have access to Göma's current service and dealer organization in Sweden, which will be called Samson Agrolize AB.

Samson Agrolize AB in Sweden has branches in Halmstad and Jönköbing.

While SAMSON products have been well-known in several export markets for a number of years, Gømas GG trolleys managed to find their way to the German market for a few years.

- The Gøma GG trailer made it onto Germany's positive list, which means that a subsidy can be obtained for the investment in application equipment that can document precise and environmentally friendly application, explains Søren Jensen.

Export of used trolleys

As more countries demand drop-down and more precise spreading equipment, a market for used slurry trailers from Denmark is also opening up.

- For example, we find that in several countries, a used slurry tanker from Denmark is considered comparable to a cheap new tanker. It is an advantage that both SAMSON and Gøma have both developed slurry trailers and spreading equipment at a relatively advanced and future-proof level, says Søren Jensen.