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Ambition is the Nordic region's largest and best dealer of machines and tools for outdoor handling of natural fertilizers

On Friday, September 10, Samson Group A/S took over 100% of the shares in Gøma A/S and thus Gøma A/S is now a subsidiary in line with Samson Agro A/S, Samson Agrolize A/S, Samson Agro SASU (France) and Samson Agro Spzoo (Poland).

The purpose of the acquisition is of course to consolidate Gøma A/S and Samson Agrolize A/S into an even stronger dealer organization than either can manage separately. Geographically, the focus is Denmark, Sweden and Norway, for both Samson and Pichon products + selected 3rd party agencies.

Samson Agro A/S existing dealers in Denmark, Sweden and Norway have been notified of the intention to acquire Gøma A/S. The basis of the agreement with the negotiators will be respected, although there are of course a number of negotiations ahead.

In all European countries with significant animal production, fertilizer laws are being tightened, focusing on better utilization of nutrients from manure and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. And when fertilizer laws are harmonized, there is also a harmonization of application techniques.

Similarly, the manure spreading machinery segment (slurry trailers, implements, booms and manure spreaders) is characterized by many smaller and nationally oriented manufacturers. Most without the resources to meet the demands for long-term product development based on the changed framework conditions of the fertilizer laws.

It makes no long-term sense for either end customers or Gøma A/S and Samson Agro A/S as manufacturers to compete on product development. It doesn't make much sense to spend resources on developing what your neighbor has already done, rather than using your neighbor's resources to go one step further than you would have otherwise gone. For the benefit of end customers, both in the domestic market and competitiveness towards new customers in the European markets.

Serving aftermarket customers (warranty, service, spare parts) with a short line of communication to specialists at the manufacturer is a high priority. A consolidated Gøma A/S and Samson Agrolize A/S will be even better at this than either can manage to develop separately.

After almost 40 years, Gøma A/S and Samson Agro A/S parted ways in the fall of 2016. Two business models that actually complemented and complemented each other very well.

In the excruciatingly clear light of hindsight, everything is clear!