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Samson Agrolize delivers its first TG to Danish customer

The Samson TG trolley initially targets the large volume markets in France and Germany. But now it's also in the field on Funen, where there proved to be a strong match between the customer's needs and the series' specifications, which are well below the PG II series. Photo: Samson Agrolize.

The Samson TG series was originally developed and targeted for sales abroad, but Samson Agrolize sees new opportunities among Danish customers, where a top-class PG II trailer is over the top.

Samson Agrolize recently delivered a Samson TG 18 from the factory in France to a customer on the Danish island of Funen, who was tripping to get into the field, almost in record time.

This means that the first TG has started work in Denmark, and it has set new thoughts in motion for the director of Samson's Danish sales company, Samson Agrolize.

- Samson has always focused on developing and delivering the world's best and most advanced slurry trailers. It is the Danish market, with restrictive environmental legislation, that has driven the development and for us, especially via the contractors and large farmers who demand large capacity and top quality, says Torben Larsen, CEO of Samson Agrolize. - But for many years we haven't focused much on the customers that are just below the top professional market. The customers where it is not the plan to buy from the top shelf with a PG II trolley, says Torben Larsen.

Torben Larsen, CEO of Samson Agrolize, in front of a small handful of TG 20 trucks that could easily come into play on the Danish market.

Samson DNA

There is a considerable price difference between a PG II and a TG wagon, which is somewhat more accessible to medium-sized farmers in Europe, where the structural development in agriculture is 10-15 years behind that in Denmark.

And roughly speaking, the TG series, now in its fifth year, builds on the foundation on which the PG wagon triumphed 12-14 years ago. But still with some of the advances Samson has achieved in the development of the modern PG II wagon.

The TG series was born for our export markets, where there is a large volume segment demanding simpler and cheaper slurry trailers. And it has proven to be a great success in those markets," says Torben Larsen, who emphasizes that although the TG series is a more affordable alternative, Samson has not compromised on the high quality that characterizes the Samson brand.

Key differences between TG and PG II:

  • Smaller elevator.
  • Fixed drag.
  • Control with Slurrymaster 5000 instead of Slurrymaster 8000.
  • Other frame structure.
  • Funnel option for front and rear external filling.

The TG series has Samson's DNA with high application capacity. It's a strong cart that is epoxy-treated on the inside and generically prepared for attachments that ensure the utilization of the nitrogen. It's a Samson slurry tanker, explains Torben Larsen.

- There are many things we don't want to compromise on, even though we're cutting costs and moving into a very competitive, more affordable customer segment. The customer must still experience the high quality that characterizes the Samson brand, says the CEO.

We have a cart for you too

There are many different types of slurry trailers in Denmark and around the world.

And in Denmark, many small and medium-sized farmers still use Samson slurry tankers from the great vintages of 2008, 2009 and 2010. They are still very good vehicles that can keep up with the restrictive Danish requirements with updates, but with 15 years behind them, they are also ripe for replacement.

Especially in this customer segment, Samson Agrolize sees that there are opportunities to get back into the dialog.

- It's about us now going out and saying to the Danish customer segment that drives around with old vehicles that Samson actually has a really good alternative. Now Samson actually has a truck again for those of you who are thinking about replacing your old two-axle truck and are naturally not in the market for our large, complex PG II trucks with 36 meter boom, wheel drive and so on. For you, Samson actually has a great and significantly cheaper alternative in the TG wagon that still has Samson's DNA from A to Z," says Torben Larsen.

Although the TG series is produced in Samson's French factory, Samson Agrolize TG trolleys are available for fast delivery. The first TG wagon, now in the field on Funen, was delivered just one week after the deal was finalized.