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SAMSON AGRO is now taking a step closer to its customers by introducing a 36-month warranty on all machines and attachments via the future Danish sole distributor SAMSON AGROLIZE.

After a period as Chairman of SAMSON AGRO & Agrolize, as part of the smooth generational change, Mikael Glerup now outlines his vision for the role SAMSON will play in the efficient and environmentally friendly application of natural fertilizers in Denmark and internationally.

To strengthen the Board of Directors of SAMSON AGRO & Agrolize with competencies and networks within agriculture both nationally and internationally, as well as to support the management and fulfill the shareholders' ambitions, Christian Junker becomes the new Chairman of the companies.

New national fertilizer laws in Europe's major agricultural countries call for SAMSON's well-known techniques for applying natural fertilizers in an efficient and sustainable way, and therefore it is timely to put strong resources into strengthening the ongoing internationalization of Samson.

SAMSON AGRO's extended warranty applies to all new machines and implements delivered from July 1, 2017 onwards."We work hard every day to develop and produce the best machines on the market, and we are happy to back this up in the field. With SAMSON AGROLIZE as exclusive dealer from November 1, 2017 and their nationwide service organization of skilled Service Partners, the time is now right to introduce a 36-month warranty in Denmark", says SAMSON AGRO CEO Lars Henriksen.

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SAMSON AGRO Sales Manager Torben Larsen, mobile 20711403

SAMSON AGROLIZE Managing Director Henrik Kirketerp-Møller, mobile 25165000