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Efficiency, quality and foresight were important factors when MBA Agro near Viborg bought a Samson PGII27 slurry tanker with front tank for spring 2017 and now with a new Samson SHB4, 36 meter hose boom from spring 2018.

Morten Balle established the contracting company MBA Agro near Viborg in 2016. He has purchased a fully hydraulic Samson PGII27 with traction on one axle, drag hose boom with anti-drip system, forced steering to follow the terrain and a total of four distributors for optimal dosing.

- It's all about being efficient and offering our customers high quality with the best possible equipment, and at the same time we want to be adaptable. There could be many changes in contracting operations in the coming years, and to be ready for these changes, you need to have new equipment that is prepared and ready for technological changes. The Samson PGII27 slurry tanker is prepared for future technology, says Morten Balle.

MBA Agro has five full-time employees and primarily operates in a radius of 35-40 km around Viborg. The contracting company solves all types of agricultural tasks except for roughage and also has a small contracting department and operates crew rental outside the main agricultural seasons.

Machine operator Jannick Christiansen is the primary driver of the Samson slurry tanker and has already spread 55,000 cubic meters in the spring season.

- I really enjoy driving the slurry tanker. It has all the equipment, and it all adds to the quality and efficiency. The pull on the center axle really matters. I use it all the time. We have a different truck without wheel drive and we can clearly feel the difference," says Jannick Christiansen.

- The front tank not only increases capacity by three cubic meters - it also provides much better weight distribution

In addition, the trailer is fitted with external filling through a 10" hopper so we can load directly into the trailer in the field, and it has a 10-inch pump tower. In addition, there is a return-to-center function on the crane, which makes daily work much easier," says Jannick Christiansen.

- The high quality of the coating is also reflected in the dosage. When we drive in wedges with a 36 meter boom, there can be a lot of overlap, but there are four distributors and it's easy to close off. On the whole, it dispenses very precisely. Slurry is quickly in the hoses and the computer is very easy to set up.

- It is equipped with the Slurrymaster 8000, which is very easy to use. It's very easy to familiarize a new person with it because the functions are visible on the screen. It shows or writes what to do with the joystick, so it couldn't be easier," says Jannick Christiansen, who emphasizes that the entire set is controlled with the same controls.

- To complete the efficiency, it has centralized lubrication, so we save ½-1 hour daily on lubrication. That can mean 40-50 hours saved in a year, so it's not small change.

- Even though the Samson boom has a full 36 meters of boom, the forced steering and suspension make it very good at following the terrain, which means a lot with such a large working width. It is also very effective in closing the boom together. It folds the boom over the wheel guards so that it stays within 3.30 meters in width, says Jannick Christiansen.

He drives about half the time with a snake boom and half the time with a pitfall trap. He often changes according to customer requests. It now takes him less than an hour to switch between snake boom and trap.


1): MBA Agro uses Samson Agrolize for winter maintenance. Fitter Søren Nielsen started the slurry tanker and has followed it ever since. Driver Jannick Christiansen left. is happy to have a regular installer from Samson.

2): Jannick Christiansen finds the control panels and computer easy to use.