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Jakob Bruhn's contracting company, Skodborg, has slurry spreading as its main activity. For this season he purchased 2 new SAMSON PGII slurry trailers.

- Driving to Samson Agrolize near Viborg for anew SAMSON slurry tanker won't kill you.

Jakob Bruhn, Graasbølgaard in Skodborg, has made the trip to Viborg twice before this season. Both times with a used SAMSON slurry tanker one way and both times with a brand new SAMSON PGII25 and a SAMSON PGII28 on the return trip.

- They keep the tractor for a few days at Samson Agrolize in Viborg, after which everything is adjusted and I can drive back home with a ready-to-run set where everything works with the tractor's GPS and monitors.

Jakob Bruhn only wanted to replace the oldest SAMSON PGII from 2008.

- But then it so happened that I got a good offer for 2 trolleys at the right price, so I renewed both in the same deal.

130,000 to 150,000 tons

The first spring season with the 2 new SAMSON slurry trailers is almost over and it has gone as expected without any problems.

- Only once have I had a phone conversation with Flemming Tind from Samson Agrolize. Otherwise, it's been great.

Almost 100,000 tons of the 130,000 to 150,000 tons of slurry produced annually by Jakob Bruhns Maskinstation has now been delivered to customers in the area around Graasbølgaard near Skodborg in Southern Jutland.

The 2 SAMSON slurry trailers are the company's main activity and are mainly operated by Jakob Bruhn himself and by his father, from whom he took over the farm more than a dozen years ago.

- I started at a young age by investing in a used slurry tanker and then borrowed my dad's tractor. It's been almost 20 years and now I'm driving with 2 new SAMSON slurry trailers. Today, Graasbølgaard's 130 hectares are run as a crop farm, and it has been that way since I took over just over 10 years ago.

Digitized driving

The slurry activity remains the main activity of the contracting company.

- It's mostly cattle farms around here, and with my customers, we basically only use 24 meters of grooming track. I have all the fields on GPS, either with an electronic field map from the customer or according to lines I have entered myself for the customers' fields," says Jakob Bruhn.

In addition to manure spreading equipment, Jakob Bruhn also has a combine harvester, rakes a lot of grass and drives a trailer for grass and corn harvesting.


Both of the 2 Fendt tractors running SAMSON slurry trailers have front tanks.

- The way it's structured around here, I collect almost all the slurry from the customers' tanks. There are probably only a few days during the season when I am served by trucks to transport the slurry.

Jakob Bruhn has the following tools for the trucks: 2 black soil traps, 2 snake booms and 1 single grass trap.

- I've stuck with SAMSON trolleys all these years. Every winter I clean the trucks everywhere and do a thorough inspection, about every two years I remove the wheels and generally change the stuffing boxes and bearings so that everything can run non-stop during the season when we sometimes run 24 hours a day.

- And I would like to emphasize once again the peace of mind that the good service from Samson Agrolize gives me. It's very important that we can run all the time and if something should happen, that we can get service very quickly," emphasizes Jakob Bruhn.

April, 2020.