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SAMSON AGROLIZE is looking forward to meeting both existing and new customers around the country's animal shows for an honest talk about the market.

"We're open to praise, so come and tell us what you think. Are we on the right track or are there things that need to be adjusted? asks Henrik Kirketerp-Møller, Director, SAMSON AGROLIZE.

It is important to him that customers get to know SAMSON AGROLIZE really well and also feel that SAMSON AGROLIZE is responsive to suggestions for improvement.

"Our success as Denmark's best natural fertilizer specialists depends on our customers' experience of us. We need to show that we have extensive knowledge of machines for spreading slurry and manure and are the best people to advise on buying and selling new or old machines based on the individual customer's needs. On the one hand, we need to show that our machine servicing and spare parts handling is fast and competent. Secondly, we need to be competitive on all prices," he says.

SAMSON AGROLIZE participates in five livestock shows across the country - all with their own stand. These are Roskilde Dyrskue, Det Sønderjyske Fællesskue, Det fynske Dyrskue, Hjørring Dyrskue and Landsskuet in Herning.

"We look forward to welcoming you to our stand, which is furnished with brand new exhibition equipment. For example, a new trailer with meeting facilities. Of course, we will also offer coffee and some other refreshments," he says.

Exhibiting novelty at this year's livestock shows

With the support of SAMSON AGRO, SAMSON AGROLIZE is exhibiting a new slurry tanker at this year's animal shows. This is the first time it is on display.

"So if you're interested in a new slurry tanker, it's a good idea to stop by our stand and see the new tanker," says Henrik Kirketerp-Møller and continues

"Unfortunately, I can't reveal more about it now. We can't do that until just before Roskilde Dyrskue at the end of May. Keep an eye on our website and Facebook page at that time. And read about it in the agricultural press. We will of course send out a press release about it at that time," says Henrik Kirketerp-Møller. In addition to this new slurry tanker, SAMSON AGROLIZE will exhibit the new front tank, a TD12 grass trap, a SPE 21 manure spreader and an RV 150 tube mill.

"We have chosen to exhibit some of the best machines on the market that are in high demand," says Henrik Kirketerp-Møller.

Service partners are doing really well

"SAMSON AGROLIZE has now been through the first spring season and made our experience of buying and selling old and new machines. It has gone really well. When it comes to spare parts sales, our service partners have also really surprised me positively. We can see that they have already succeeded in attracting many customers after the first spring season by being local and competent," concludes Henrik Kirketerp-Møller.

Cooperation with service partners is also going very well.

"And of course, we will also help each other at the animal shows, where they also have stands. In many places, our stand will be located next to our service partner".

Disposition campaigns are upon us

Not only will you find news and refreshments at the SAMSON AGROLIZE stand.

"The disposal season has just started, and we look forward to being able to deliver some sharp prices on machines at this summer's livestock shows for the coming season," says Henrik Kirketerp-Møller.

"So if you know you need to invest in machinery for spreading manure and slurry, stop by and get a great offer from SAMSON AGROLIZE."

New man for a slightly "overlooked" area

Henrik Kirketerp-Møller has expanded the sales force with District Manager Torben Hehr Westergaard, who will operate in South Jutland, Funen, Zealand and the islands. Søren Hansen is already driving in East and North Jutland and Ulrik Villadsgaard in West Jutland.

Torben Hehr Westergaard is very familiar with the industry and comes most recently from a position as Key Account Manager at Kverneland.

"With the appointment of Torben, we have strengthened the areas in the country where we have known that we were dragging our feet a bit. We are therefore pleased that Torben, who has both experience from driving a contracting company and experience from selling agricultural machinery, has agreed to work for SAMSON AGROLIZE, says Henrik Kirketerp-Møller.

Employees are settling in

The SAMSON AGROLIZE workforce has grown considerably since November when the company was launched.

Most recently, Kresten Møller is employed as Technical Support in service. He comes from a position as Sales Manager for the Danish market at HE-VA A/S. Previously, he has worked in a machine shop and a contracting company and has extensive experience with SAMSON products.

"We're getting the staff in place. But we are still looking for a few. We will need more employees when we move into the new premises. But sales and service are running smoothly," says Henrik Kirketerp-Møller.

He has hired a very experienced and competent staff.

"But it's also important for a new organization like SAMSON AGROLIZE. Just as continuity is important. Our customers don't have to face an endless line of new employees when dealing with SAMSON AGROLIZE. And they won't with the current staff, who are very dedicated and specialized employees who really care about the type of machines we work with," he concludes.