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The Danish sales and service organization behind Samson slurry trailers and manure spreaders, Samson Agrolize, is now adjusting its service organization in Denmark and thereby achieving even better coverage with specialized service staff and spare parts access for its customers.

This happens when A. P. Jørgensen in Ribe expands its function as a service partner to include Funen and surrounding islands. Based on years of expertise in servicing Samson machines from the business in Ribe, A. P. Jørgensen is now placing a Funen support center at Ringe Maskinforretning on Funen, also owned by Danish Agro. Ringe Maskinforretning has so far had the function of Samson Agrolize service partner and will therefore continue to be a support point for A. P. Jørgensen's service personnel, as

The store will continue to be home to an emergency spare parts warehouse. However, it will be specialized employees and service vehicles from A. P. Jørgensen in Ribe, who will mainly perform the tasks on Funen in the future.

Jim Thygesen, Managing Director of both A.P. Jørgensen in Ribe and Ringe Maskinretning on Funen, says about the practical organization. Jørgensen in Ribe and Ringe Maskinforretning on Funen.

- With the merger of A. P. Jørgensen and Ringe Maskinforretnings areas, we will now be able to offer the same dedicated service of Samson products as we have been able to from the store in Ribe. Firstly, at A. P. Jørgensen has a complete Samson dealer spare parts warehouse, two service vehicles and four employees who do nothing but Samson. We are now expanding this concept to include Fyn and Ringe Maskinforretning when it comes to winter preparation of slurry trailers and more. From the shop in Ribe, we will carry out advanced service tasks and winter preparations throughout South and Southern Jutland and Funen. We are also setting up a large spare parts warehouse at Ringe Maskinforretning, so you won't go in vain for the most common spare parts and wear parts.

Changes are also happening on Zealand. Here, the dedicated service organization at Bøgely Maskinservice A/S in Ringsted takes over the service tasks from the former service partner Karl Mertz A/S in Sakskøbing on Lolland. The location of a spare parts warehouse in Ringsted in central Zealand will improve accessibility for the many Samson customers spread throughout Zealand and the South Sea Islands.

Firstly, Bøgely Maskinservice A/S is known for being able to provide service tasks on a wide range of common agricultural machinery and is therefore ready to take on Samson slurry trailers and manure spreaders. Samson Agrolize is in the process of establishing a spare parts warehouse at the store, which began its new role as a Samson service partner on November 1, 2019.

- We will cover all of Zealand and Lolland-Falster and will initially have two employees trained to service Samson products. Becoming a service partner for Samson Agrolize is a good fit for us. We are already known for servicing advanced agricultural machinery and modern tractors, explains CEO Kristian Kjær Hansen, owner of Bøgely Maskinservice A/S.

Samson Agrolize is the exclusive Danish distributor of Samson products and is responsible for the sale of new, used and refurbished Samson slurry trailers and manure spreaders throughout Denmark.

- In Viborg, where the Danish headquarters of the sales and service organization is located in the immediate vicinity of Samson's production facility, there will always be a number of used and refurbished slurry trailers available for sale in the company's second-hand center in Viborg, says Henrik Kirketerp-Møller, CEO of Samson Agrolize.

With the changes, the number of service partners has been reduced to six machine shops, all with extensive expertise in the Samson product range and supported at all times by specialized staff centrally from Samson Agrolize in Viborg.

CEO of Samson Agrolize, Henrik Kirketerp-Møller. With the changes in the service organization, there are now six service partners to cover the entire country.

Jim Thygesen fulfills the role as CEO of both Ringe Maskinforretning and A. P. Jørgensen in Ribe. As a Samson Agrolize service partner, A. P. Jørgensen now also covers Funen and maintains a large spare parts warehouse at Ringe Maskinforretning as a service support point.

Director Kristian Kjær Hansen, owner of Bøgely Maskinservice A/S, will now, as Samson Agrolize service partner, service Samson machines on Zealand and Lolland-Falster.