Date and time


At a time when many parts of society are reeling under the corona restrictions, Samson Agrolize employees are running strong as never before.

- We've only been around since 2016 and things have gone fast since then. However, in the run-up to the start of the 2021 season, I have to say that we actually have a record in all disciplines.

Henrik Kirketerp-Møller, Managing Director of Samson Agrolize acknowledges that with the establishment of Samson Agrolize in November 2016 as the exclusive distributor of SAMSON products in Denmark, there have been record sales every year.

- We have been chosen as the country's largest second-hand center for SAMSON slurry equipment and can focus entirely on this market. With nine people in the workshop here and just as many in the field with our six service vehicles, we've been busy winterizing customers' machines and preparing the used machines we receive.

Henrik Kirketerp-Møller is strongly focused on always having the large second-hand hall filled with used and prepared slurry trailers and other SAMSON equipment.

Act with caution

- Despite corona nervousness, things have been going great in the run-up to the start of the 2021 season. And slurry trailers are still being traded now that the start of the season has been postponed due to the frost," says Henrik Kirketerp-Møller.

- We were anxious about being hit by corona, but fortunately it has gone well. We take every precaution and instead of Open House and other customer events, we have received our customers individually. They can come here and look at the trolleys in the open halls, and we have a small shed in the square where a few of us can sit at a distance from each other and agree on what needs to be agreed.

Henrik Kirketerp-Møller will not hide the fact that he would have preferred to meet customers at Agromek, animal shows and various customer events where it is easier to showcase new products.

- We can't wait for things to get back to normal," he says.

Exporting pre-prepared carts

The otherwise prepared trolleys in the utility hall occasionally have to go back into the workshop.

- We sell an increasing proportion of our used vehicles abroad, and we may need to adapt them to these markets. For example, air brakes are used in France and Germany, so we have to adapt the vehicles to the different regulations in these countries.

- "In general, we expect an increase in foreign sales - also of used equipment - because several places in Europe have introduced stricter fertilizer laws, and this is an area where you could say we've been ahead of the curve here in Denmark," notes the director.