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Samson Agrolize near Viborg repeated its annual Christmas market yesterday with a large crowd of farmers and contractors. Several deals were closed and, not least, slurry and fertilizer equipment was studied and the season premiere in just a month and a half was discussed.

Once again this year, Samson Agrolize gathered many people for its Christmas market at its headquarters in Viborg. On Thursday afternoon and evening there was an open house and plenty to see for the many guests who stopped by throughout the day. Not least a large selection of pre-owned machines.

This year, Samson Agrolize will be showing 25 ready-to-use slurry trailers that, in the words of CEO Henrik Kirketerp-Møller, ".... are ready to strap on and drive in the field".

At Samson Agrolize's own workshop, used Samson slurry trailers are refurbished, updated and prepared for sale with warranty and guarantee. Behind this is the slurry and natural fertilizer specialist's nationwide network of qualified service partners. These are typically trade-in slurry trailers from the previous season, and the specialized Agrolize people at the workshop in Viborg have been busy leading up to the Christmas market to prepare a large number of newer used wheeled tractor units that are now ready for new customers. In the coming weeks, we will continue to give the additional 35 slurry trailers as well as traps, pavers and slurry agitators a qualified "make-over" so that the equipment can be put into operation for next season.

- There are also circumstances where we receive a newer used slurry tanker that has been looked after so well that we can easily resell it to the next user," explains Henrik Kirketerp-Møller, CEO at Samson Agrolize.

Meeting point for customers

During the Christmas market day, several deals were made and therefore "SOLD" signs could be placed on several carts and traps.

At Samson Agrolize, there is great satisfaction with the annual Christmas event.

- Farmers and especially contractors turned out in large numbers and it's a good opportunity for us to meet machine operators, farmers and new and old customers to talk about the possibilities with Samson equipment, says Henrik Kirketerp-Møller.

Many guests also took the opportunity to take a guided tour of the Samson Agro factory, where production is running at full speed. Right now, the Danish manufacturer of slurry and natural fertilizer equipment is experiencing a sharp increase in sales in export markets. Especially to Germany, which is now implementing rules on the utilization of animal manure that are similar to those in Denmark, and which Samson Agro has decades of experience in producing equipment to meet.

Samson Agrolize sells new and used slurry equipment and manure spreaders throughout Denmark. Service and technical support is provided by seven local service partners, all of whom have specially trained staff who can be called out at any time during the peak season to help with any problems with the advanced equipment.

For further information, please contact Director Henrik Kirketerp-Møller, tel. +45 69 155 111.

Rarely, perhaps never before, has there been an opportunity to see such a large number of prepared used slurry trailers in one place. Samson Agrolize has been working hard to get as many of the trade-in vehicles ready for the season as possible. It starts in just a month and a half.