MachineID - Machine ID 11109

Slurry tankers


PG II 25

Price: 1.565.000

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SAMSON PG II 25 brugt gyllevogn, rigtig flot vogn, med meget udstyr.

Machine information

Manufacturer: SAMSON
Year: 2019
Currency: DKK
Startup: 2020
Tank size: 25 m3
Model: PG II 25
3 point lift: Ja - Kat3
Return flow reading: Ja
Shafts: 3 pcs
Active lift: Ja
Work light/ rotating beacon: Ja
Brake system: Hydraulisk
Central lubrication: Ja
Swivel shaft: Ja - 2aksler
Electronic fill message: Ja
Filler funnel 10: Ja
Raisable axle: Ja
Wheel shot: Ja
Hydraulics for TD12: Ja
Joystick: Ja
Camera: Ja
Loading system: LS
PTO: 1 3/4 20not
Pump tower: Ja
Return flow pump tower: Ja
Lubrication on lift: Ja
Ladder fittings: Ja
Control system: Slurrymaster 8000
Traction type: Sharmüller 80
Offset on pump tower: Ja
Outlets for tool: Ja
Toolbox: Ja

Tire information


Tire width right front: 800 mm
Tire width right center: 800 mm
Tire width right rear: 800 mm
Tire width left front: 800 mm
Tire width left front: 800 mm
Tire width left center: 800 mm


Tire height profile right front: 50 (mm?)
Tire height profile right center: 50 (mm?)
Tire height profile right rear: 50 (mm?)
Deck height profile left of: 50 (mm?)
Tire height profile left center: 50 (mm?)
Tire height profile left rear: 50 (mm?)

Remaining tires:

Tire brand:

Tire brand right front: Nokian
Tire mark right center: Nokian
Tire brand right rear: Nokian
Tire brand left rear: Nokian
Tire mark left center: Nokian
Tire brand left rear: Nokian


Rim size right front: R34
Rim size right center: R34
Rim size right rear: R34
Rim size left of: R34
Rim size left center: R34
Rim size left rear: R34

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